Stolpe Translation

Language creates a milestone.

Terminology / Project Management

Organisations that are active

on an international basis require smooth co-operation with their stakeholders. To achieve this, the standardised use of a company’s own specialist terminology is a decisive factor. You can avoid misunderstandings, misinterpretations and time-consuming queries by clearly defining the meaning and concept of a specialised technical term. Clear and unambiguous language helps to increase the efficiency of an enterprise.

For the benefit of employees, partners and suppliers, I can assist you in the development of your company’s own specific terminology, the definition process and the creation of a multilingual company glossary, as well as the continuous updating, provision and distribution of such.

Project Management

For translations in language combinations that I personally do not offer, I will put together a team of highly qualified translators and manage the entire translation project in all of its linguistic and commercial aspects.
I am very happy to reply to your enquiry.