Stolpe Translation

Language convinces.


Quality translation

aims to precisely convey the contents of a text. You understand fully, not merely getting the gist of it. To achieve the best result possible, a high degree of linguistic expertise comes together with technical skill and ability in certain subject areas. My focus is on specialist translations for law, medicine and business. This is where I get your message across precisely.

As a seasoned language professional, based in Wiesbaden, I offer five important advantages for your translations when it comes to German, English and Russian:

Personal contact

Feel at ease, as you know exactly who is working on your confidential documents.

Highly professional

You can be certain that your translation will meet the highest quality expectations thanks to my translational skills, sound research work and regular on-going professional training.

Absolute reliability

You can rely on agreed deadlines and arrangements.

Consistency in terminology

You benefit from technical terminology, which is consistent and coherent, through the use of “translation memory” (technology utilising a translation database), which really does pay for itself in the long run.

Constant level of quality

Take the pressure off yourself. By defining your own standards and procedures, as “your” translator I will know precisely what is paramount to you and your project.

I am very happy to reply to your enquiry.